Table Service

The Radius Networks Table Service Solution leverages wireless smart locators, customers’ mobile devices, and a network of scanners to identify the location of a customer for order delivery and messaging both inside and outside of the store. When their order is ready, a staff member will deliver the order to the customer's exact location.

Proven Benefits:

  • Increased revenue per order
  • Significant decrease in wait times
  • Simple installation
  • Improved customer and crew experience
  • Cost-effective
  • In-depth analysis and reporting

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Mobile Device

By loading our SDK onto your mobile app, Radius Networks turns your customer’s phone into a beacon device that allows you to locate them inside and outside of the venue.

Smart Locators

Our Smart Locators contain Bluetooth beacons that allow the customer to place an order, wait at their desired location, and have their order delivered to them when it’s ready.

How it Works: Ordering and Food Delivery

1. Kiosk/Counter/Mobile Ordering

Customer may order from a kiosk or counter in-store or ahead of time from their mobile device.

2. Relax

Customers can find a seat anywhere in the venue.

3. Ready for Delivery

Staff view the location of the customer on the display.

4. Table Service

Food and drinks are delivered fast and fresh to the exact location of the customer.