Facilitating Location-based Payments Solutions

Pay at Table streamlines the checkout and payment experience and increases overall guest satisfaction. Providing the freedom for your patrons to pay whenever they want can solve some of your restaurant's most typical problems. We allow your waitstaff to focus on guest experience, while greatly reducing fraud and chargebacks.

Offers Convenient, Flexible, and Immediate Payment Experience
Allows Servers to Focus on Guest Experience and Speeds Table Turnover
Uses Secure, Digital Payment Capabilities and Greatly Reduces Fraud and Chargebacks

From fast casual and full-service restaurants, to large stadiums and hosted events, Pay at Table allows guests to control their dining experience at their leisure. Enabling a customer to pay their bill whenever and however they want allows for servers to focus on the overall guest experience and eliminates the easily-avoidable frustration that comes with long wait times. Pay at Table does not require an app, though payment can be added to an existing app using our SDK.

  • No app required (though payment can be added to existing app using our SDK)
  • Offers convenient, flexible, and immediate payment experience
  • Gives customers frictionless and transformative dining experience

Nothing is worse than being in a hurry to settle up with your server, but they are nowhere in sight! Make sure your customers leave as happy as they were when they arrived by putting the checkout process in their hands. Customers are able to pay for their check right at their table with a simple tap or scan, enabling them to leave at their leisure. Servers can spend more time at their customers’ tables, and less time going back and forth to their terminals.

How It Works

Pay and go from your phone

Customer is in a Rush

Customer cannot find their server and is in a hurry to pay and leave.

Customer Taps NFC Reader With Mobile Device

Customer taps the NFC tag to retrieve the check for their table.

Customer Chooses Payment Method

Bill info is retrieved from POS and customer chooses preferred method of payment.

Payment Processed

Payment is settled directly with POS and customer is free to leave and make a quick exit.

Empowering brands to provide a better customer experience

Increase profit margins, retention, and engagement


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Eliminate wait time and enhance the customer's dining experience.

Sports + Entertainment

Enhance the fan experience with in-seat service and location-based messaging.

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