Loyalty Redemption Solutions

Enable customers to redeem mobile offers and loyalty points with a simple tap. Reduce queue times with secure tap-and-go technology. One of the biggest intrusions of legacy software and services was needing to open up an app to scan, causing delays and making the product an inconvenience. Our RadPoint Loyalty Reader solves all these issues and more.

Quick and Easy Loyalty Redemption
Support Secure Transactions
Drives Brand Loyalty

Radius Networks’ RadPoint Loyalty Reader is Apple and Google certified and supports mobile wallet. RadPoint Loyalty Reader creates a customized, first-class loyalty redemption experience for your guests. The reduced wait times and streamlined transactions are vital to promote high-level brand loyalty and increased mobile engagement.

  • Certified by Apple and Google
  • Supports mobile wallet
  • No need to wake up device
  • Reliable user identification
  • NFC and BLE support

Using both Bluetooth technology and in-app mobile features, restaurants can harness the power of our presence technology to understand more about their guests and to create a frictionless drive-thru.

How It Works

Simple, secure check-in for your loyal customers

Coupons Added on Mobile Device

Customer adds coupon to app or mobile wallet at any time.

Customer Taps Reader

Customer taps the RadPoint Loyalty Reader.

Coupons Applied to Transaction

All coupons and promotions associated with the customer are used for the transaction.

Empowering brands to provide a better customer experience

Increase profit margins, retention, and engagement


Radius Networks is a location technology company focused on helping businesses locate, engage, and transact with their customers for order delivery, messaging, and tracking.


Eliminate wait time and enhance the customer's dining experience.

Convenience Stores

Provide simple curbside delivery, in-store pickup, and loyalty redemption.


Streamline all in-store, curbside, and drive-thru pharmacy fulfillment and operations.

Amusement Parks

Personalize the guest experience as they check into different areas around the park.

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