Radius Networks Privacy Policy

Radius Networks Privacy Framework

Proximity and location technology is evolving rapidly and promises great benefits to both businesses and individuals. However, as the technology advances so do concerns about privacy.

A core value at Radius Networks is that when we deploy our technology, it is done in a responsible manner that respects individual privacy. At Radius Networks, we are committed to a privacy framework that is open, transparent and easy to understand.

Key Elements of the Privacy Framework

De-identify all unique identifiers it detects.

Once our system detects a mobile device identifier (i.e., MAC address), the system transforms the identifier with a one-way hash so that it can no longer be associated with your device or personal information without your permission.

Delete all source records after 30 days.

Any location data used to compute monthly aggregated analytics will be tagged and removed from the Radius Networks database. At a maximum, the data will be retained in the database for 30 days.

For example, a mobile device owner may download a retailer’s mobile application and opt-in to an agreement allowing the retailer to present special offers or services based on visiting to one of their store locations. Radius Networks may trigger the retailer’s app to the retailer with a notification of the mobile device owner’s presence at a store location so that offers are presented in a more relevant and meaningful way to the device owner.

Radius will not provide device location data retroactively prior to an opt-in date.

All location data source records are deleted after 30 days and all opt-in actions by device owners are considered to be inapplicable to any MLA scan records still available but collected prior to the device owners opt-in agreement.

Radius Networks does not retain user profiles for any devices detected using our MLA sensors

Therefore, Radius newtworks does not append anything to user profiles or devices detected.

Radius Networks will cooperate with Law Enforcement requests for MLA data if a warrant or court order is provided.

Application partners may only submit subscriptions for devices whose owners

have opted-in to proximity engagement for their application.

In order to leverage Radius proximity services that provide proximity event triggering, partners may subscribe only customers that have agreed that their location may be used.

Device owners who do not want their location to be used by Radius Networks may submit their mobile identifier to our global ‘opt-out’ registry.

To opt-out of mobile location analytics, simply visit the Global Opt-Out Registry.

Radius Networks is a member of the Retail Mobile Analytics (RMLA) Working Group working with the Future Privacy Forum. Radius Networks abides by the RMLA Code of Conduct drafted by the RMLA Working Group and the Future of Privacy Forum.

Details of the RMLA Code of Conduct can be found at http://smart-places.org.

Questions? Feel free to contact us for more information on our privacy practices.