Approved Equipment by Radius Networks

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Each tent is pre-configured with bluetooth technology.


The Radius Networks Table Service Solution leverages
wireless smart table tents and a network of detectors to identify the location of a customer for order delivery. Customers order from the self-order kiosk or the front counter and receive a smart table tent. When their order is ready, a crew person will deliver the order to the customer’s table and double check it for accuracy.


Robust and accurate customer location improves customer experience
Simple for customer to use
Significant decrease in wait times
Future proof product road maps
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The Table Service display shows where the customer is located.


Once food is ordered from the counter or kiosk, customers are given a Smart Table Tent.
Customers can find a seat anywhere in the restaurant.
Staff view the location of the customer on the display.
Food and drinks are delivered fast and fresh to the exact location of the customer.

Table Service is a standard piece of equipment in McDonald’s Experience of the Future restaurants globally. For more information visit or email

To see the technology in action, check out the video linked here.

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