See FlyBuy Pay In Action

FlyBuy Pay is a location-based solution to help businesses conduct contactless payments and streamline the checkout and pickup process.

Pay and go from your phone

FlyBuy Pay creates a contactless transaction, which is vital in the current landscape. With the influx of customers calling in orders by phone for curbside pickup, FlyBuy Pay provides a simple solution to avoid paying at the curb or taking credit cards over the phone. To round out the entire customer payment and pickup process, we have enabled FlyBuy Pickup and FlyBuy Pay to work seamlessly, so a customer receives a link to pay, which then activates our FlyBuy Pickup location technology, so the order is ready and waiting the moment they pull up.
Contactless payments
Eliminate taking credit cards over the phone
Increase customer throughput

With one click of a button, FlyBuy Pay enables staff to send a digital bill to the customer and avoid taking payment over the phone, decreasing fraud and increasing staff efficiency.

  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks
  • Decrease customer wait time
  • Improve customer satisfaction

How It Works

Staff enters customer's phone number or email address into POS

Customer Calls in an Order

Customer calls their order in to the restaurant and provides a phone number or email address, which is entered into the POS.

Customer Receives a Link to Pay with Mobile Device

Customer selects payment method and pays for their order on their mobile device.

Customer Proceeds to Pickup Order

Customer drives to restaurant to pick up order.

Payment Processed

Check is settled automatically in POS.

Empowering brands to provide a better customer experience

Increase profit margins, retention, and engagement


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