FlyBuy® Lite is a part of the Radius Networks corporate social responsibility program. Businesses, universities, non-profits, or healthcare institutions can get a free ‘Lite’ version of Radius Networks’ FlyBuy for in-store and curbside pickup for 90 days during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Radius Networks Offers Free Version of its FlyBuy® Pickup Software for 90 Days.

Radius Networks is currently offering FlyBuy® Lite — a free, limited version of its in-store and curbside pickup software — to any restaurant, retailer, grocery, university, charitable/non-profit institution, pharmacy, or business running a pickup operation in need of an effective pickup experience during the current COVID-19 outbreak. The software streamlines the pickup process for both store staff and customers.

FlyBuy® Lite will enhance your in-store and curbside pickup experiences in the following ways:

  • Know where your customers are throughout their pickup journey, and receive real-time location updates when they are en route, nearby, on property, and in the virtual pickup zone.
  • Prioritize order fulfillment based on customers’ arrival times to maximize operations.
  • Locate customers as soon as they arrive on property for a swift ‘contactless’ handoff.
  • Eliminate wait time for customers.

This special offer is FREE for 90 days with NO OBLIGATION.

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