Enterprise Proximity Solutions

Radius Networks Enterprise Solutions Features

The set of features and functionality that really makes our enterprise solutions unique.


Improve customer experience, find relevant products and push product specific information to customers that want it.

Sports and Entertainment Venues

Understand your fan demographics and foot traffic analytics. Direct fans to to new and relevant stadium attractions.

Conventions and Events

Increase vendor relevance, wayfinding, tours and traffic patterns.

Financial Services

Increased security levels, optimize that ATM and branch experience by driving more foot traffic and loyalty.

Brand Advertising

Create brand awareness at opportune times during the customer shopping experience


Customer location solutions for food delivery, loyalty programs and information at key POIs.

The Right Customer Engagement Solution for Your Business

Radius Networks partners with companies large and small in multiple channels to provide the highest quality proximity technology and solutions in the World. Our technology experts work with partners to find the best and most efficient solution for their business.

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