Radius Networks Brand Guidelines

Color Pallete

The core palette is shown below and should be used with all of our communications.

Core Color: Orange
Pantone: 165C
HEX #FF7838
R – 255; G –  120; B – 56
C – 0; M – 66; Y – 84; K – 0

Secondary Color: Gray
Pantone: 11C
HEX #666666
R – 102; G –  102; B – 102
C – 0; M – 0; Y – 0; K – 60

Background Color

All collateral should feature the Radius Networks logo in orange and gray. There is only one version of the logo. If you are placing the logo on a colored background, please use the logo in white.


The Radius Networks logo must not be distorted, stretched, or redesigned to fit collateral.


The Radius Networks logo must be made no smaller than .25″ inch x 1.5 inches. There is no limit as to how large the Radius Networks logo can be. The logo must have a quarter of an inch padding around it if placed around other objects. More padding is preferred.


Radius Networks has distinct fonts used in collateral. The font families include but are not limited to:

  • Poppins
  • Helvetica Neue