Using location to improve the customer experience.

Empowering brands to provide a better customer experience

Increase profit margins, retention, and engagement

Our Solutions

Track customers, improve efficiency, and increase revenue

Enhance your curbside experience

Our solution automates the curbside delivery experience for customers, employees, and delivery drivers. We can transform your entire parking lot into serviceable spaces for orders on-the-go. No wait for customers and no action needed upon customer arrival provides a smooth and simple curbside experience.

Simplify your in-store pickup experience

Our solution automates the in-store pickup experience for customers and employees. With constant location updates, employees are able to prioritize the fulfillment and staging of orders based on the customer’s ETA.

Personalizing the dining experience

Adding advanced mobile and delivery options to your business is vital in today’s customer service world. Leveraging Radius Networks technology enables you to track customers as they drive to your location, enter, and move around the venue. By knowing exactly where a customer is located along the entire journey, you can deliver prompt service, personalize their experience, and create multiple upsell opportunities.

Fast and accurate order delivery

Table Service is designed to help restaurants locate customers for order delivery and engagement. Our wireless solution enables staff to know exactly where a customer is located and for what length of time. Table Service is instrumental in solving common dining problems, including counter crowding, long wait times, and inefficient use of staff.

Simple, secure check-in for your loyal customers

Radius Networks’ RadPoint Loyalty Reader is Apple and Google certified and supports mobile wallet. RadPoint Loyalty Reader creates a customized, first-class loyalty redemption experience for your guests. The reduced wait times and streamlined transactions are vital to promote high-level brand loyalty and increased mobile engagement.

Track assets within a warehouse or large building

Provide peace of mind and operational efficiency by monitoring your assets at all times. Our technology enables businesses to dramatically decrease lost shipments, putting more money back in your wallet. Whether you want to keep track of expensive merchandise or locate specific boxes within a warehouse, let our asset tracking solutions help solve some of the biggest problems you face day-to-day.

Pay and go from your phone

From fast casual and full-service restaurants, to large stadiums and hosted events, Pay at Table allows guests to control their dining experience at their leisure. Enabling a customer to pay their bill whenever and however they want allows for servers to focus on the overall guest experience and eliminates the easily-avoidable frustration that comes with long wait times. Pay at Table does not require an app, though payment can be added to an existing app using our SDK.

Personalize the customer experience

With Radius Networks’ in-store engagement solutions, you can personalize the customer journey by sending location-based messages. Create a ‘Smart Store Network’ and increase incremental revenue by promoting specific products or upselling customers based on their previous history, location, and traffic patterns.

Shop Our Hardware Solutions

Radius Networks offers a wide range of hardware, software and proximity services designed to enable hyper-proximity, micro-location engagement capabilities and analytics in today’s leading mobile apps, products and technologies.

Reduce Friction

Take away the guesswork and stress by simplifying the customer and employee experience. Easily implement our technology to automate manual processes and watch sales increase, customer satisfaction skyrocket, and employee efficiency improve drastically.

Personalized Customer Experience

Customize the entire customer journey, from start to finish, leaving them eager to return. Whether it’s a simple greeting, “Welcome back, Emily,” or a location-based message, “Would you like a cocktail by the pool?” — a small touch goes a long way!

True Accuracy

Preparing the right order, for the right customer, at the right time isn’t easy! We’ll let your employees know exactly when customers are on their way, nearby, on property, and in-store.

Data-Driven Results

Understanding your customer is key. With our robust analytics, you can track customer wait time, location data, trip origination, heat map by hour by day, daily usage, activity metrics, trend reports, and more.

Industries We Support

Radius Networks is a location technology company focused on helping businesses locate, engage, and transact with their customers for order delivery, messaging, and tracking. Our wireless-enabled table-side and curbside platforms are utilized globally and span multiple industries and markets such as restaurants, hotels, gaming, grocery stores, and retail.


Eliminate wait time and enhance the customer's dining experience.


Automate and enhance your retail curbside and BOPIS solution.


Provide a superior customer experience by providing timely fulfilment and delivery.


Streamline all in-store, curbside, and drive-thru pharmacy fulfillment and operations.

Convenience Stores

Provide simple curbside delivery, in-store pickup, and loyalty redemption.


Accurately predicting VIP's arrival for check-in and location on property.

Sports + Entertainment

Enhance the fan experience with in-seat service and location-based messaging.

Casinos + Gaming

Locate guests as they move around the casino for food and beverage delivery.

Amusement Parks

Personalize the guest experience as they check into different areas around the park.


Keep your operations running smoothly by minimizing the loss of shipments.


Automate check-in and personalize the experience for patients.