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Radius Networks is building the next generation location platforms. Our platforms help companies understand where their customers are and when to engage them.

Major brands look to us to integrate the power of proximity into
their business, reaching the right people at the right time.

the History of proximity
and Radius Networks

Radius Networks has been leading the proximity industry since the beginning.
Here's a few of the big milestones we are particularly proud of.

First Certified Apple iBeacon

September 2013

Radius Networks launches the first commercially available FCC/CE certified iBeacon hardware.

Android Beacon Library

October 2013

Radius Networks launches the Android Beacon Library and brings beacon support to the Android ecosystem.

CES 2014

January 2014

The first major public deployment of proximity beacons. Proximity-based notifications and a scavenger hunt were integrated in the CES app. In 2015, the network was expanded to over 1,000 beacons and powered largest beacon-based indoor location system of its time.


July 2014

Radius Networks authors and releases the first open and interoperable proximity beacon specification.

Eddystone Beacons

July 2015

Collaborated with the team at Google to help develop and build Eddystone Beacons and the tools to support them.

Display Kit at NASCAR

March 2017

Launched the first proximity enabled DOOH displays with NASCAR on at the Phoenix 400.

What our partners are
saying about Radius

Radius Networks Display Kit product has helped us create a robust Digital OOH infrastructure within NASCAR racetracks around the country. Contributes towards a tremendous fan experience and creates a streamlined ecosystem for advertisers.

Eric Hornsby


Radius Networks’ technology innovation and ability to deliver and execute has established this team as a leader in the location and proximity services market.

Doug Thompson

Editor, BEEKn

No doubt that ISM and Radius Networks are beginning to disrupt the DOOH space. ISM is now delivering advertisers and venue owners with the unprecedented benefits that only ISM and Radius Networks can deliver.

Our mission was to send the right message to the right person at the right time is key to driving that world class experience in the connected retail world, the team at Radius Networks made this a reality.

Radius Networks's unique combination of technical knowledge, creative solutions and dedication to outstanding customer service helped us implement new and exciting activations at CES.

Radius Networks has the deepest understanding of beacons and the tech around beacons of any company I've worked with. Radius helped me ship solutions and are a lot of fun to work with.

Radius Networks has been a great partner to drive proximity technology forward and provides excellent support of their solutions to meet customer needs.

Daniel Shope

CTO, Purple Deck Media

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