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Engage your Users

Want to engage your users at just the right place and time? That's exactly what Campaign Kit can do. Take the pain out of beacon configuration, geofence setup and content delivery.


It doesn't matter if you have one location with a thousand beacons or a thousand with one. If you need to monitor the health of your network, Director is the tool for the job. Director integrates with any standard compliant beacon so you don't have vendor lock in, and can take advantage of our mobile SDKs to crowd source status.

Enterprise Solutions

We have deployed and are managing the largest beacon networks in the world. Our software and services are being used by over 150 million users worldwide. If you want to use proximity technology we can help.


Radius Networks is the official partner and provider of beacons complying with iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ standards. From 1 to 1,000+ we can get you the same tested and proven beacons. Whether you want to plug into a wall outlet or you need explosion-proof rugged battery beacons, we have it.

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If you want to see how our technology can work for you, please contact us.

Proximity Beacons and Services

Proximity Beacons

Radius Networks' RadBeacon proximity beacons are the industry’s first multi-beacons, providing concurrent support for multiple proximity technologies, and seamless proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments.

RadBeacons are available with the widest range of power and packaging options, including AC-power, USB-power, long-life battery, indoor and outdoor, weatherproof ruggedized enclosures.

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RadBeacon has been designed and certified by Radius Networks to conform to the following standards.
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Software and Tools

With Radius Networks' suite of proximity tools and applications you can reliably develop, test, and deploy proximity solutions using geofencing and iBeacon technology.

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RadBeacon Smart™ Software Beacon Platform

More than just a beacon, RadBeacon Smart is for enterprises looking for an advanced, secure beacon network that can be remotely and centrally managed. You can easily monitor and configure your beacons from the Radius Networks Director cloud service. First class integration capabilities available through our RESTful APIs. RadBeacon Smart supports iBeacon, AltBeacon and Eddystone beacon formats.

Are you an enterprise interested in deploying RadBeacon Smart with your business? Please contact one of our sales engineers.

Services and SDKs

Campaign Kit CMS

Campaign Kit

Campaign Kit is a cloud-based service coupled with mobile SDKs that allows users to deliver targeted campaigns to mobile devices within proximity of any place. It allows delivery of media rich content to mobile devices in proximity to a specific beacon, beacon region, or a geofence without hassle and with minimum effort.

Campaign Kit

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Proximity Kit

The Proximity Kit cloud service and mobile SDK from Radius Networks enables developers to add geofence and proximity beacon capabilities to any mobile application in minutes.

Proximity Kit

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Manage your beacon fleet automatically. Radius Networks' Director will take advantage of the SDKs you are already using to gather status of your deployment.


Enterprise Solutions

Bring in the proximity experts to help build your perfect solution.

Our engineers will help your team achieve your goals using the best proximity technology in the industry. Radius Networks has experience with the largest projects with major global brands.

Radius Networks solutions also comprise an end-to-end managed solution for proximity beacon networks of all sizes and include network architecture, beacon deployment and optimization as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the entire system.

To further explore how Radius Networks can help your enterprise, please contact one of our sales engineers.

ble beacons

BLE Beacons with support for Eddystone™

ble beacons

An Open Beacon Format from Google

Radius Networks has everything you need to get started with Eddystone.

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  • Full support for Google's latest specs. Including Eddystone URL, UID, TLM, EID and Physical Web.
  • First class developer tools to broadcast, scan and detect Eddystone signals from your Mac: MacBeacon and ScanBeacon.
  • Need to manage, monitor, and configure? That's where our Proximity Services come into play.
  • Technical details and more info on our blog.

Questions? Contact us.

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Need hardware? Get RadBeacon USB and RadBeacon Dot BLE proximity beacons with native Eddystone support from the Radius Networks Store

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Developer Resources

Our developer portal offers a number of tools to aid emerging location developers in everything from Beacon Development Kits to open-source code and pre-built applications for multiple OS platforms. Our developer blog offers tutorials on building your own beacon from various low-cost hardware options, as well as testing and development procedures.

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