RadBeacon USB

RadBeacon USB is a fully standalone proximity beacon, using iBeacon™ technology, implemented in a tiny USB package that can be powered by any available USB power source.

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No more dead beacons

No batteries means no dead batteries. RadBeacon USB is powered from a standard USB port. You can use a USB AC adaptor, car adaptor, or any computer with a spare USB port.

Customize Beacon Identifiers

You pick the identifier for your project. Don't recycle UUIDs from the hardware manufacturer that might overlap with other deployments. Configure it over-the-air with the RadBeacon Config App.

Certified and Licensed

RadBeacon is certified and licensed. From FCC, CE, Bluetooth and more. See the RadBeacon USB Specs for more information.

RadBeacon is an iBeacon™ Licensed Product that has been designed and certified by Radius Networks to meet Apple performance standards.

Customize your Beacon to Suit your Needs

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Radbeacon Config App for iOS

RadBeacon USB is over-the-air configurable using the RadBeacon App for iOS. In addition to full control over the beacon advertisement data configuration, the transmit power and advertising rate are adjustable to suit a wide variety of deployment scenarios.

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